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If you’re planning a local move, you might be contemplating renting a

Penske and doing all the work yourself. After all, if you’re just moving

down the street or to the other side of the city, it shouldn’t be too hard

right? You can always talk your buddies into helping in exchange for a

few beers and pizza. But, what if there was an easier way?! With Great 

Movers Houston there is!

we are in the top of the best rated moving companies in Houston

at rates up to 30%. Now you can afford to hire professional help, so it means

less work on moving day for you and your buddies. Our moving company

provides full-time moving professionals with the know-how to make your move

go smoothly, plus a clean truck, moving straps, and all the equipment necessary

to make sure your items stay safe. Now, instead of hoping your buddies show on

moving day, you can rest easy knowing you have professional help that will be

there on time to make sure your move is a success.


Whether you’re moving inside the Loop or to an outer suburb like Katy or the Woodlands, Great Movers Houston can ensure your move is a success. Check out our full list of moving services, then work with an agent to customize your moving experience:


  • Local: Is it in or around the Houston area? Whether your new home is closer to Katy or closer to the coast, as long as it’s within the Houston metro we can help!

  • Long Distance: Texans know a thing or two about long distances. Heck, it takes a whole day just to drive to the other side of the state. We work with local moving companies that service long distance interstate moves to ensure your big move goes smoothly.

  • Packing: Not feeling confident in your boxing abilities or too wrapped up in other things to focus on packing those stacks of dishes? Not a problem! Our moving partners offer hourly packing services to help you get packed up and ready to roll.

  • Unpacking: All your stuff made it to the new place, but how do you even begin unpacking it all and making sure it looks organized? Great Movers Houston will help you organize and unpack everything from your closets to your cupboards, so you can be finished with the moving process as soon as possible.

  • Packing Supplies: From cardboard boxes to packing tape, we have all you need to protect your precious cargo during transit.

  • Pianos & Specialty Moves: Moving a piano is tricky business, but with Great Movers Houston we make the task look easy!

  • Commercial/Office Moves: If your office is upgrading to new digs or downsizing to cut costs, the Great Movers team can assist! We’ll do everything from boxing up your filing cabinets to dismantling your conference tables – whatever it takes to ensure the success of your move.

Great Movers Houston


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